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“The Knight of the Burning Pestle” at Shakespeare’s Globe

Seeing “The Knight of the Burning Pestle” in London was really special: Mile End and the Strand are just across the river, a quick walk away. It’s thrilling hearing the characters calling for you to cheer for “the honour of the city and the citizens” when you are a Londoner sitting right in the heart of the city.

London: Cocktails at Casita and Nightjar in Shoreditch

This year Ewan made a New Year’s resolution I’m very happy to be helping with, which is drinking in new cocktail bars. Unfortunately, rich hipster kids are really into cocktails these days, so a lot of skilled cocktail makers have moved into Shoreditch to hoover up the hard-inherited money of Beardy Skinnyjeans and Headband Circleskirt. The drinks are good, but the atmosphere remains annoying-to-punchable. Except for one shining light of relaxed, genuinely good bartending…

$10 in Prague: Dinner vs. beer vs. a perfect piece of musical art

I saw it on a clear glassy September morning on the Stone Bridge in Prague in 2006. I had severely overspent in the euro countries, but I still had a budget of 200 koruna (around $9) a day, so I was looking forward to splashing out on a kebab or wurst instead of just chips or discounted fruit from a grocery store.

Bunratty Folk Park and Castle: Ireland’s weirdest historical theme park

Bunratty Folk Park is a reconstructed traditional 19th-century Irish village in the same sense that the Queen’s Hamlet at Versailles is a reconstructed 18th-century French peasant home. It’s bright and very clean, and traditional musicians lurk around every corner, ready to leap out and polka at you.

Header art by Tod Wills.