What goes into my blog: books, hosting, software and booze

I was thinking about everything that goes into making this site and I wanted to show you what I use: website/blogging services that are good and easy to use; books I find useful, informative and inspiring; and of course the booze that keeps me going.

Thanksgivukkah in London: Some thoughts from an American Jewish woman

I love doing both Thanksgiving and Hanukkah every year in London because most people in Britain don't celebrate either of them. It makes me think about the holidays more when I can't just pop to my local shop for what I need, but I have to make special trips and plan ahead. For Hanukkah candles I go to Golders Green, the most Jewish neighbourhood in Britain's most Jewish borough; for Thanksgiving pumpkin pie filling and Ocean Spray cranberry jelly I visit one of a handful of American food shops in weird places around London, or source them through a friend.

Your Questions Answered! (August-September edition)

Hello! Quite a few good questions coming in through the Google machine – I've also had a few through proper email, several of which have been about immigration from the US to the UK. I'm not up on the very latest (although I can say with some confidence things are "pretty crap for immigrants" at the moment), but I can point you to the best resources I used. To the search engine queries!

Your Questions Answered! (July edition)

I see what search engine queries have brought people to this site and try to help them out. Maybe. A little.

I got an unexpected gift in the mail this Fourth of July!

A few months ago I decided I was going to do this blog branding thing PROPERLY. So I paid a talented artist to draw me a picture of drunk Plantagenets fighting in a pub while Shakespeare and I look on.

Great, great, great idea: The No Body-Snark Diet

Unbrave Girl made a genius post and challenge about the way we view ourselves, and curate pictures of ourselves. How many times have you carefully selected photos of yourself based on anxiety and poor body image?