National Portrait Gallery and restaurant

Last December I had an afternoon unexpectedly free up, so I decided to spend it at my favourite big art gallery near Trafalgar Square. Not the grand one with the pillars, the National Gallery, but the one around the corner on Charing Cross Road, across the street from Pret, the National Portrait Gallery.

Both arrange their collections by chronology, so you go forward in time as you move through them. But while the National Gallery’s halls are just by century – “16th: Leonardo, Cranach, Michelangelo, Raphael, Holbein”, you can practically hear the curator yawning – the National Portrait Gallery, which has to fit into smaller rooms, has also grouped each era into themes.


Gloucestershire: Berkeley Castle and Britain’s Best Pub 2015

It’s a golden Tuesday in September and I’m the only person in my carriage on the 9:15 train from Paddington, going west. The inspector comes by after a quiet three-quarters of an hour, and I hand him my ticket. “You’ve been there before?” he says. It isn’t really a question; it’s to a tiny station in Gloucestershire, where there’s no good reason to go unless you know what you’re doing.

“Oh – no,” I say.

“Someone picking you up? It’s out in the sticks, mind.” Read more...

Where else might Richard III be reburied? Alternate resting places for the last Plantagenet king

Team Plantagenet Alliance is pulling hard for Richard III to be reburied at York Minster, and Uni Leicester, Leicester city council and the Leicestershire tourism board are obviously pulling hard for Leicester, but I think there are a few other lovely and appropriate sites that should be considered.

Your Questions Answered! (June edition)

Last month I discovered a few comedy search engine queries leading to the site, and when I had a quick look last night I found a few more people searching for answers and (hopefully) finding them here. Internet, I hope these are helpful.

Richard III in Leicester: Visiting the actual car park(!!!)

I mean, OK, I'm not one of THOSE Richard III people? So I didn't really care about actually getting to go into The Car Park. It was just REALLY HARD TO REMEMBER THAT when I was standing RIGHT THERE.

Your Questions Answered!

I like seeing what search terms have brought people here. Mostly they make sense - "Shakespeare travel" or the names of restaurants and pubs I've posted about. Sometimes they're a bit weird. Sometimes they're questions - and I can answer nearly all of them! LOOK NO FURTHER!