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Olivia’s Illyria: St Euphemia’s Basilica in Rovinj

One of the nice surprises about our sort of terribly planned “Illyria” tour in June was how there were genuinely a lot of Twelfth Night coincidences. In Rovinj, it was really sweet walking into a church and finding it decorated in white and pink for a wedding.


I’m a bit drunk, here’s my favourite character from every Shakespeare play in chronological order

What it says in the headline.

Viola and Sebastian - featured image

Viola and Sebastian’s Illyria: Sea people and land people

The water at Rovinj sea-port on the west coast of Croatia, historical Illyria, is still, clear and green-blue. Artisan jewellery is draped on the stucco walls and last night's wine bottles have been tidily placed on the window-sill for collection. Olivia has locked herself away; Orsino is dozily sighing in his lounge; and this static world is about to be violently interrupted by a catastrophic wreck.

old vic much ado

Drunk Theatre Week: “Much Ado About Nothing” at the Old Vic

Q: So, this Much Ado hasn't been getting very good reviews, gosh! How drunk were you for this one?



Drunk Theatre Week: Shitfaced Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing” at Edinburgh Fringe

The conceit of Shitfaced Shakespeare is simple: it's a production of Shakespeare and one of the cast members is shitfaced. This year they did "Much Ado About Nothing" at the Edinburgh Fringe, and the night I saw it the shitfaced Shakespearean was Beth-Louise Priestley as Hero. I discovered that a drunk Hero staggering her way through Messina is the best thing that has ever happened to this play.


We’ve all got a crush on Adrian Lester in “Love’s Labour’s Lost”

Hey, remember that musical movie version of “Love’s Labour’s Lost” Kenneth Branagh made in 2000, which was kind of terrible?

Only also kind of brilliant?

Because it was cheesy and self-conscious and goofy and pretty, just like the play? Read more...