Gloucestershire: Berkeley Castle and Britain’s Best Pub 2015

It’s a golden Tuesday in September and I’m the only person in my carriage on the 9:15 train from Paddington, going west. The inspector comes by after a quiet three-quarters of an hour, and I hand him my ticket. “You’ve been there before?” he says. It isn’t really a question; it’s to a tiny station in Gloucestershire, where there’s no good reason to go unless you know what you’re doing.

“Oh – no,” I say.

“Someone picking you up? It’s out in the sticks, mind.” Read more...

Drunk Theatre Week: “Edward II” at the National Theatre

This week I am trying out a theme, and that theme is "plays I have seen when I, the performers, and/or both have been totally blotto". First up: Edward II, Marlowe's "gay king tragedy"! And gosh it was good (what I saw of it anyway, as was drunkenly twenty minutes late). I suspect the FT is right and this Edward II is a 'Marmite' production, but unlike Marmite people who don't like it are dead wrong. Other Baron, we'll miss you most of all.