What’s in this Irish coffee, exactly?

Irish coffee at Foynes Flying Boat museum

The Flying Boat Museum in Foynes, west Ireland, celebrates airplanes before they were airplanes – when air travel from New York to Europe cost the equivalent of £5,000 and passengers travelled on flying cruise ships, with champagne, posh food and a honeymoon suite on every vessel. The museum has a lovely history of aviation, from the first attempts at flight to Ireland’s quiet contribution to the Allied war effort and the brief era of glamour that flourished when west Ireland was the first landing point for Americans flying across the Atlantic.

But what about all the air travellers who have been killed by poisoned Irish coffee? Read more...

The Cliffs of Moher and Irish traditional music

I used to seriously judge people playing ‘The Cliffs of Moher’ in sessions; this is because I was trying to make up for my solid B- playing ability by being That One who rolled into the pub and went “hey, have you heard this super rare tune, yeah, I picked it up from an 85-year-old peat farmer in Gweedore, you probably haven’t heard of it…”