Tudor Brexit

Hello! How are you? I was working on a book and then a bunch of ostentatiously horrible political stuff happened, so instead I’ve spent the last three weeks drinking constantly and refreshing Twitter. Ha ha ha! [MUFFLED UNCONTROLLABLE SOBBING]

It’s become apparent that the leaders of the Leave campaign had zero plan, and either never really expected to win, or assumed everything would just turn out OK: I think possibly one of the reasons so many people went “yeah, sure, let’s leave the EU, no idea what will happen but it will probably be fine!” is that it taps into one of the main stories England tells itself about itself, about that time we told Europe to fuck off and it went great.

The story goes something like,

Wallace And Gromit REVEALED: Who’s Ricardian and who’s Tudor?

"Do you think I could get a picture with Wallace and Gromit?" My Bosworth Field guide, who had been describing the last stand of Richard III and the treachery of the Stanleys, looked a bit taken aback. And I WAS interested... it's just ... WALLACE AND GROMIT WERE THERE!!!!!11!