A Very Plantagenet Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. Don’t worry! If you haven’t found a card yet that expresses how you really feel about your partner, maybe one of these Plantagenet valentines will help:

valentine henry vi margaret

Illustration of the wedding of Henry VI and Margaret of Anjou in 1445


valentine richard iii anne

Kevin Spacey as Richard III and Annabel Scholey as Lady Anne, The Old Vic, 2011


valentine richard ii

Portrait of Richard II, 1390s


valentine henry v katherine

Kenneth Branagh as Henry V and Emma Thompson as Katherine of Valois, Henry V, 1989 film


valentine percies

Joe Armstrong as Harry “Hotspur” Percy and Michelle Dockery as Lady Percy, The Hollow Crown, 2012 BBC series


valentine roses

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!

7 thoughts on “A Very Plantagenet Valentine’s Day

    • Kerry says:

      Thank you so much! I laughed at your latest post about contact lenses – you'd think I'd be used to them after wearing them for twelve years but I still stab myself in the eye once a week.

  1. This is the best Valentine's ever, I swear.

    Wow, I guess I'd better get around to watching the rest of The Hollow Crown if it has Alan-a-Dale and Lady Mary being sexy in it.

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