This blog started in June 2012, when I set out to review every show I saw in the multilingual, multinational Globe to Globe festival that summer. Then I renamed it and pretended to be a travel blogger for a few years (bad idea!). Now I just talk about whatever interests me.

Mostly theatre (especially Shakespeare) and drinking, and combining the two, but also imaginary productions and the travel industry and a lot about the Henry VIs, because they’re my favourite.

Other things I do: I’m writing a book about Shakespeare and Europe and tourism and travel (agent: Lydia Moëd, The Rights Factory), and I do regular talks for History Showoff and Books Showoff, a pub lecture series where audience members have given rave reviews including ‘brilliant’, ‘hilarious’ and ‘wow, that was a lot of information about medieval menstrual blood’.

The people in my header (drawn by the excellent Tod Wills) are, L to R: Shylock, Othello, Margaret of Anjou, Richard III, me, Shakespeare.