Hello! Although I pay for most things I write about here, I don’t pay for everything, and I’ve also done some things that will theoretically result in money in my bank account in theory someday. Here’s what’s going on with those:

Skimlinks: I have a plugin installed called Skimlinks, which turns links to some products to affiliate links, meaning I receive a small commission if you click on the link and buy something. I am not entirely sure which products are part of the Skimlinks package and I don’t intend to spend a lot of time finding out; I picked Skimlinks because it changes links automatically, so I can just write normally and not think about it ever. I have made £0.00 so far from this, but you should know it’s there.

Amazon Affiliates: If I bought a book on Amazon, I link to its page at the bottom of my review. That link is an affiliate link and if you click on it and buy something, I get money. I have also made £0.00 so far from this (well I’ve made around £5 but not reached the minimum payout level).

Book review copies: I get some books for free through NetGalley and Edelweiss, which provide digital and advance review copies to writers. I only go and look up a book if I’m interested in reading it and would probably buy it anyway. That said, I am more likely to read a book if I can get it through one of those two sites, but I only read books I want to read on their own merits.

PR visits/experiences/freebies: Sometimes if I want to write about something but (a) can’t afford it at the moment or (b) wouldn’t usually have access to it, I get in touch with a PR person and ask if they can set something up. Sometimes they don’t respond; sometimes they turn me down; sometimes they set something up. I have even had a few companies and PR firms get in touch to offer me things, which is very nice of them; I have only taken one up on this so far, because I thought it would be a good fit for the blog, and that’s Eating London, a foodie tour of London’s East End run by a small independent company. I will always state exactly what has been comped and/or arranged for me in a post if I write about it. Please please please call me out if I don’t do this or do it in a confusing way.

Basically, this blog is something I do because I enjoy it and because very rarely it means I get to do fun things I wouldn’t otherwise. I will never take money or free stuff to write about anything I don’t care about because, how do I put this politely, I have a day job that pays pretty well and I value my time more than I value more money. I mean, yes, I would probably take thousands of pounds to write about something I don’t care about, but I would also disclaim the crap out of that post so you knew exactly what was going on. And then go spend that money on things I actually want to do and hope you would want to hear about.

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