Globe to Globe: All’s Well That Ends Well in Gujarati (India)

Like many others so far in Globe to Globe, the Gujarati company Arpana adapted Shakespeare’s play into its home culture, rather than straightforwardly performing it as a Western European-based story. I’ve enjoyed these kinds of productions better, with the exception of the histories (not because the histories are an untouchable work of genius – although they TOTALLY ARE – but because a sense of continuity is crucial for their stories).

All photos (c) Ellie Kurttz

Globe to Globe: Twelfth Night in Hindi (India)

Twelfth Night is a very resilient play. It takes whatever you throw at it and pushes back, sometimes in unexpected ways. It balances life and death, joy and despair, love and rejection, drunkenness and sobriety. I felt the lack of surtitles more keenly than I have at any other show, as the adaptation was obviously very loose, and I was disappointed at all the good jokes I was clearly missing.