Hello! I’m Kerry and this is my blog. It’s mostly about travel, history, Shakespeare, and drinking (any order, any combination).

About me: I grew up in Portland, Oregon, where I went to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival every summer and cried when I found out Powell’s Books didn’t do birthday parties. Like Shakespeare, I moved to London in my 20s and spent the next few years mostly in pubs; unlike Shakespeare, I have a mini-fridge dedicated entirely to fizzy wine.

Other things I do: I’m currently writing a book about Shakespeare and travel, and I occasionally do talks for History Showoff, a pub lecture series where audience members have given rave reviews including ‘brilliant’, ‘hilarious’ and ‘wow, that was a lot of information about medieval menstrual blood’.

So welcome, and I hope you find something interesting to read here! If you want to get in touch, you can leave a comment (hi!), email me, or contact me here!


“I drink vicariously through you.”

Katrinka Abroad

“Slightly mad in a good way”

Dishoom restaurant

“Very well-organised and kind”

– My first boss

“Just as funny as Katharine Hepburn, but prettier”

– My high school librarian

The people in my header (drawn by the excellent Tod Wills) are, L to R: Shylock, Othello, Margaret of Anjou, Richard III, me, Shakespeare.