Richard II: Flint Castle, Wales

It’s either ironic or very appropriate that I’m writing this from Paris as the sun sets and the sky turns from blue to pink to gold; Wales was rocky grey and green and very dull. Not all of Wales, of course! Hay on Wye is rightly famous for books and Hereford for cider. But the north coast of Flintshire is neither inspiring nor interesting, especially in January, which is when I went. After a sunny Saturday afternoon lunch in London with friends and lots of fizzy wine, I got on the Tube and sat across from two women with no overnight bags who I realised were getting the same train I was. “It’s at four forty-six, do you think we’ll be all right for seats?” one said.

“Yeah,” the other said, with an undertone of obviously. “Not too many people going up to the coast this time of year, are they? All cold and wet and black?” Read more...

Where else might Richard III be reburied? Alternate resting places for the last Plantagenet king

Team Plantagenet Alliance is pulling hard for Richard III to be reburied at York Minster, and Uni Leicester, Leicester city council and the Leicestershire tourism board are obviously pulling hard for Leicester, but I think there are a few other lovely and appropriate sites that should be considered.

“The True Tragedy of Richard, Duke of York” at Towton battlefield

As always, Part Three left me jonesing for more, but I think that's a good thing. The day was lovely and, although I thought it would be a bit gimmicky, the battlefield setting really did work.

“The Houses of York and Lancaster” at Towton battlefield

Beatriz Romilly was again outstanding as an active, clever and bored Eleanor, Gloucester's wife. I wanted more from Suffolk and Margaret's relationship, but Jack Cade was cracking good fun, as ever.

Richard III in Leicester: Visiting the actual car park(!!!)

I mean, OK, I'm not one of THOSE Richard III people? So I didn't really care about actually getting to go into The Car Park. It was just REALLY HARD TO REMEMBER THAT when I was standing RIGHT THERE.

Wallace And Gromit REVEALED: Who’s Ricardian and who’s Tudor?

"Do you think I could get a picture with Wallace and Gromit?" My Bosworth Field guide, who had been describing the last stand of Richard III and the treachery of the Stanleys, looked a bit taken aback. And I WAS interested... it's just ... WALLACE AND GROMIT WERE THERE!!!!!11!